Serenity Media Group, Inc. is a global entertainment company devoted to creating high quality film, TV, and digital media projects that uplift and inspire. A new company for a new era, Serenity was founded in 2010. Serenity's aim is to produce enjoyable, informative projects that are globally relevant and socially conscious. Serenity uses fun, engaging popular fiction and non-fiction projects to educate, provoke thinking, and spread positive messages.

We all know that entertainment can and does make a difference in the social landscape. Serenity, however, has making a difference as its firm intention. Serenity capitalizes on the unique ability of entertainment to captivate and delight people, and to take us on a journey that's both pleasurable and gripping. Serenity also, however, very deliberately turns the power of entertainment into a platform for personal and social change.

In a rapidly changing world, we are increasingly called to work together to make this shared planet of ours a better place. People and places everywhere are increasingly interconnected. Serenity honors the call to work in more inclusive and creative ways, and it takes into account the fundamental overlay of the local and the global. With a serious commitment to widespread accessibility, each and every project Serenity takes on has a worldwide release as its goal.

Serenity Media Group utilizes the most advanced technologies available in an economy that is undergoing massive transformation as a result of globalization. Serenity places particular focus on the entertainment-hungry audiences of Asia, a continent with its own rich, influential set of entertainment industries, and which is also currently Hollywood's fastest growing regional market.

China and India are particularly significant markets for Serenity as their entertainment sectors are growing at exponential rates and will surely, in the not so distant future, come to share at least equal magnitude with those in the US and Europe. With analysts predicting that within twenty years Asia could be responsible for as much as 60% of Hollywood's box-office revenue, Serenity is uniquely positioned to function as a much-needed trans-cultural bridge across the Asian and American entertainment spheres.

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